Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Academic Recognitions

Effective only for the following three terms: Fall 2006, Spring 2007, and Summer 2007

The GPA required to earn the Faculty Scholarship Award will be computed using the GPA stripped of minuses.


The effect of this change is to allow a student to receive this award even if they earned all As and A-s. This parallels the change we made to the requirement that students must have a 2.00 to graduate. It covers the same time period. Note that this motion is retroactive.

Student seeking the Faculty Scholarship Award had the rules changed on them in mid-stream. In addition, it is possible that, given that the plus/minus system is new to Georgia State, students may not be clear about the distinction between an A and an A-. Some leniency in this transition period is appropriate. Note that this motion would be applied retroactively to Fall 2006.

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Revised 4/19/00