Admissions and Standards Committee

Administrative Adds and Drops


Administrative adds and drops occur when anyone other than the student adds or drops the student from a class. Administrative adds/drops are only authorized in the following cases.

1. Tuition and fee cancellation. Any student who has not paid their tuition and fees may be dropped from her courses by the Registrar.
2. Failure to take required courses. If GSU policy requires that a student take a certain course(s) either as prerequisites, co-requisites or conditions of enrollment and the student does not take the required course(s), the Director of the SAC or a Director of the college OAA office may drop the student from all her classes. (For example, some students are required to take Regents' Test Prep courses.)
3. Late award of transfer credit. In those cases in which a new transfer student does not get a transfer credit evaluation until after term has started and evaluation indicates that the student should get transfer credit for a course in which she is currently enrolled, the Registrar's Office, at the request of the Director of the Student Advisement Center (SAC) or a Director of an Office of Academic Assistance (OAA) may drop the student from the course(s) for which she will receive transfer credit.
4. Faculty schedule adjustment period. For one week following the end of late registration and at the request of the instructor, the Registrar's Office will add or drop students in that instructor's courses.
5. Roll verification drops. If, during roll verification, an instructor discovers that a student has never attended a class, the Registrar's Office shall, at the request of the instructor, drop the student from the class.
6. Misadvisement. Upon approval of the chair of the department offering the course and either the Director of the college OAA office or the Director of the SAC, a student may be dropped if there is documented misadvisement.
7. Other cases. There may be other cases in which administrative adds and drops are warranted. These adds and drops must be approved by two of the following four individuals: the instructor of the course, the department chair, the associate dean, the dean.

After the end of the semester, all administrative adds and drops require the signature of an associate dean or dean.

In cases 4, 5, 6 and 7, Programs, Departments, Schools or Colleges may require signatures in addition to those indicated above. Any unit which requires additional signatures must inform the Office of the Registrar (in writing). This policy is effective immediately.


While we currently have a practice of doing administrative adds and drops, we have no policy to govern this practice. The proposal clarifies and refines current practice.

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Revised 4/19/00