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Motion to Modify the Membership of the Admissions Appeals Committee


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An applicant who is denied admission to Georgia State University has, according to Board of Regents Policy, a right to appeal this decision. The following will be the procedure for the consideration of such appeals.

1. The applicant will complete a copy of an Appeal of Denial of Undergraduate Admission Routing Form and file it with the Admissions Office. (A sample form is attached.)

2. The Admissions Office will send this form, any documents the applicant files with the form, a copy of all documents in the applicant's admission file, and a letter explaining why the applicant was denied admission, to the Secretary of the Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards.

3. Each term the Chair of Admissions and Standards will appoint an Admissions Appeals Subcommittee composed of two faculty members. There will be a different Admissions Appeals Subcommittee for each term. Membership on this subcommittee will rotate among all faculty members on Admissions and Standards. If the matter under appeal concerns a conduct violation at a previous institution, the Dean of Students (or designee) will serve as a non-voting member of the committee.

4. The Secretary will send the documents supplied by the Admissions Office to that term's Admissions Appeals Subcommittee.

[The reminder of this policy is unaffected by this motion.]


The policy of a new Admissions Appeal Committee every turn was ineffective and has been abandon. The current practice is for members to be appointed yearly with a priority on continuity of membership as membership changes. The Admissions Appeals Committee lacks information on the conduct policies of other institutions and the legal ramifications of admitting students with conduct violations. Thus it makes sense to have a representative of the Dean of Students Office present when such matters are considered.

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Revised 4/19/00