Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Automatic WFs

Passed by Admissions and Standards, 3/13/01


Effective Fall 2001, instructors must, on a date after the mid-point of the course to be set by the Provost (or his designee)
1. give a WF to all those students who are on their rolls but no longer taking the class and
2. report the last day the student attended or turned in an assignment.
Students who are withdrawn may petition the department chair for reinstatement into their classes.


1. The Federal government requires this reporting of us. They do so to avoid having students sign up for courses, get their financial aid money, and then not take their courses. The date is set after the mid-point so that students get an automatic WF and therefore have an incentive to withdraw themselves before the mid-point (so that they can get a W).


1. This motion does not change any University policies. It merely makes a reporting requirement.
2. To give a W, a professor need only submit the "Course Withdrawal Form" before the mid-point of the semester.
3. During the summer terms, the date set by the Provost will might well be the date that grades are due.

Suggestions for Determining Whether a Student is No Longer Taking a Class
(These are not part of any rule or policy. They are merely ideas to help instructors implement the rule.)

A. Take daily or weekly attendance.
B. Give daily or weekly quizzes or homework.
C. Have a key assignment.
D. Have a key attendance day.
E. Require that students confirm attendance by sending a e-mail on a particular day.

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