Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Repeal Automatic WF Policy


Effective immediately, the following policy is repealed:

Instructors must, on a date after the mid-point of the course to be set by the Provost (or his designee)
1. give a WF to all those students who are on their rolls but no longer taking the class and
2. report the last day the student attended or turned in an assignment.
Students who are withdrawn may petition the department chair for reinstatement into their classes.


This policy was passed in the spring of 2001 to keep Georgia State in line with the federal financial rules in force at that time. The 2005 reauthorization of the federal laws governing financial aid (Title IV of the Higher Education Act), made this procedure unnecessary. It has been replaced by the roll verification process. The policy being repealed has not been enforced for the last several years. In light of SACS review, it is best to formally repeal this policy as we are not following it.

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Revised 4/19/00