Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Create a Banner Conversion Task Force


A subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards, the Banner Conversion Task Force (BCT), will be formed.

The BCT will recommend GSU policy on matters concerning changes to the Faculty Handbook, Academic Regulations, and admissions standards that arise during the conversion to the Banner computer system.

The BCT is not authorized to make recommendations concerning college and departmental requirements. The BCT will, however, be able to consider whether college and departmental requirements mesh with University requirements.

The BCT will cease to exist at the end December 2002.

The BCT shall be composed of: the Director of Admissions, the Registrar, the Director of the Student Advisement Center, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, two faculty members selected by the Chair of Faculty Affairs, and two faculty members selected by the Chair of Admissions and Standards.

The BCT will report all its recommendations to the members of Admissions and Standards and the Senate Executive Committee. If no member of these committees objects to the recommendation of the BCT within two weeks of being notified of the recommendation, the recommendation of the BCT will be GSU policy. If any member of these committees objects to the recommendation, it will be considered at the next full meeting of the appropriate Senate committee and must follow the normal Senate procedures to become GSU policy.

The BCT procedure will only be used for those issues requiring prompt action because of Banner conversion.

In extenuating circumstances, and only with the approval of the President, the Provost, and the Chair of the Senate Executive Committee, the two-week comment period may be shortened.


As we convert to Banner, it is impossible for anyone to foresee all of the possible problems that will arise. It is possible that issues will surface which required quick Senate action to avoid expensive delays. The BCT allows for quick action while still having those actions reviewed by the Senate. The two-week objection procedure is modeled on the one that Admissions and Standards used during semester conversion. (That group was called the Transition Requirements Task Force, or TRT.)

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Revised 1/15/01