Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Admission of High Ability CPC Deficient Students


Effective for the Spring 2007 admission cycle, the policy on the admission of students who have not completed the Board of Regentsí College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) is changed by adding the material in italics.

Freshman applicants must have completed the University System of Georgia Board of Regentsí College Preparatory Curriculum. Sixteen curriculum course units required as follows:
a. English (4 units): emphasis in grammar and usage; literature (American, English, and World); and advanced composition skills.
b. Mathematics (4 units): algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and one additional mathematics course with these units as prerequisites.
c. Science (3 units): at least one laboratory course from the life sciences and one laboratory course from the physical sciences.
d. Social Science (3 units): at least one course focusing on United States studies and one course focusing on world studies.
e. Foreign language (2 units in the same language): emphasis in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
See below for an exception to this requirement.

High Ability CPC Deficient Freshman

Certain high ability students are eligible for admission to Georgia State even if they have not fully completed the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC). Applicants who have graduated from high school and have
a. completed the CPC English requirement,
b. completed the CPC Math requirement,
c. have two units of Science,
d. have two units of Social Science,
e. have combined SAT score (or ACT equivalent) of 1100 or better, and
f. have a high school GPA (as calculated for the FI) of 3.3 or better,
are eligible for admission as high ability CPC deficient freshman. High ability applicants with CPC deficiencies will have their files reviewed individually and some may be admitted. No more than 100 high ability CPC deficient freshman will be admitted in any academic year.

Students admitted with CPC deficiencies must complete the CPC requirements by taking the Georgia State courses in the sciences, social sciences or foreign languages (depending on the area of their CPC deficiencies). These courses will be selected by the Student Advisement Center. Credits earned in courses taken to meet CPC deficiencies do not count towards graduation requirements. Students must earn a grade of C or better in those courses they take to meet CPC deficiencies. Students must complete all CPC-required courses before they earn 30 hours and in their first three semesters of enrollment. Otherwise, they may not register for any courses except CPC courses until all CPC requirements are complete.

High ability CPC deficient freshman will be admitted as presidential exceptions. The Enrollment Management Committee is authorized to raise the SAT and HSGPA required for admission as a high ability CPC deficient freshman as well as to change the number of high ability CPC deficient freshman who will be admitted. The enrollment management committee will also monitor the number, quality, and success of high ability CPC deficient students to see that this exception to the usual CPC rules continues to meet the needs of these students and Georgia State.


Some high ability students have good reasons for not completing the CPC curriculum. For example, some moved to Georgia too late to complete the CPC requirements and some are applying to Georgia State from a state that has weaker CPC requirements than Georgia. The applications of these students need to be considered carefully because one needs to distinguish students who had a good reason for not completing the CPC curriculum from those who did not. Some of these applicants would be excellent students so it is worth reviewing the files of those with high SAT scores and GPAs. At least initially, we want to cap the number of high ability CPC deficient freshman we admit because we do not want to send the message that it is not important to take an academically solid collection of high school courses.

The current data collection system makes it very hard to get precise numbers as to how many students would be admitted under the new policy, but the staff in the Office of Admissions estimates that it is less than 100.

The SAT cut-off was set at 1100 because this is the approximate mean of our current freshmen class.

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