Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Change to Commencement Dates


The Commencement dates shall be as follows:

Spring, 18th Sat
Summer, 12th Sun
Fall,17th Sat


The current Commencement dates are:

Spring, 18th Sun
Summer, 13th Mon
Fall, 17th Sat

Spring. This is the largest commencement so it cannot be on a Sunday because we need to have a morning ceremony. It is best that it not be a week day so that there are fewer traffic problems. So Spring commencement is best done on Saturday

Fall. Ideally, this would be on a week day but the 17th Friday would be during finals and the 18th Mon could be as late as Dec 23rd in some years. Every day we wait after finals are over is going to make hard on students who wish to commence and then leave town for Christmas. So it seems that Sat is best.

Summer. If both Fall and Spring are on Sat, then Summer needs to be on Sun so those students who have religious reasons for not attending on Sat can attend a commencement. This could be moved to a Monday but it seems that attendance would be better on a non-work day.

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Revised 4/19/00