Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on COMPASS Retest Policy for Nontraditional Admissions Applicants



New Policy, Effective Fall 2006

1145 Nontraditional Admission Requirements

Applicants must take the COMPASS assessments to be admitted to the university. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions notifies applicants of test date, time, and location. Applicants must earn the following scores on the COMPASS to be eligible for admission: reading = 74, writing = 60, and mathematics (COMPASS algebra test) = 37. If the file is not completed in time for testing to be scheduled prior to registration, it may become necessary to update the application to a future semester. If an applicant does not earn a required score(s) on the first attempt, that part(s) of the COMPASS may be retaken but the second attempt must be at least ninety (90) days after the first attempt. Applicants who do not earn all three of the required scores after two attempts may not reapply to Georgia State as nontraditional applicants for five years.


The BOR recently required all institutions to have a retest policy. This policy meets that requirement. It is essentially a codification of current practice. Note that there is currently a $25.00 charge for each attempt of the test regardless of the number of parts (reading, writing or math) tested.

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