Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Require Deanís Office Approval for Adds or Drops After the Midpoint


Effective Spring 2005, requests to add or drop a course after the midpoint require approval of the relevant Deanís Office.


Adds or drops after the midpoint have a substantial financial impact on the university. Adds after the midpoint are not reflected in official BOR data and therefore GSU does not receive any money from the BOR for courses added after the midpoint. Drops after the midpoint require the university to refund money to the student. If the student was on financial aid, GSU must refund the financial aid monies to the federal government, even if the student does not refund those monies to GSU. Therefore, while there are rare cases in which an add or drop after the midpoint is justified, these changes should be a rarity and should be reviewed by the Deanís Office. Current policy allows adds or drops until the end of the semester without Deanís Office approval.

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Revised 4/19/00