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Motion on Dual Degrees


1340.40 Dual Degrees


Dual degrees are earned when a student satisfies all requirements for two baccalaureate degrees within one or more colleges of Georgia State University. The minimum residence requirement of 39 semester hours at Georgia State University in courses numbered 3000 or above must be met for the first degree. If the second degree is completed concurrently with the first degree, or within five calendar years of the first degree, this requirement shall be deemed to have been satisfied for both degrees. A student may earn the Bachelor of Business Administration degree only one time.

After five years from the date of the award of the first degree, credit that has been used to satisfy the university’s academic residence requirement for this degree cannot be applied toward the university’s minimum academic residence requirement for the second degree. Regardless of when the second degree is completed, both degrees require that at least one-half of the courses comprising the major or 11 semester hours in the major, whichever is less, must be taken at Georgia State. If a single department offers two degrees, that department may prohibit students from earning both of those degrees. This restriction will appear in the Program Degree Requirements section.


The current policy allows a student to earn dual degrees in the same major. For example, a B.A. and a B.S. in Economics. Some departments wish to allow students to do this while other departments do not. In some cases, the difference between the two degree is very minimal (e.g., as little as two courses). In these sorts of classes, the department feels that it is not appropriate to award a second degree for only two additional courses. The policy change allows departments to prohibit these kinds of dual degrees. of the description of the major.

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