Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Post-Graduation Exceptions

In the past, the Registrar has been asked to waive policies when students were found to have suffered academic harm due to a mistake on the part of the university. An example would be a student who was allowed to graduate, only to have the university later discover an outstanding degree requirement. The colleges usually initiated the process by asking the Registrar to waive a university policy requirement, since it had been repeatedly missed both by the college advisor and the university auditors. The Registrar has routinely agreed to waive policies in such cases of error, but such decisions have been based upon precedent rather than established policy.

When cases come to the Registrar in which a student has suffered or may suffer academic harm due to a mistake made by a representative of the university, a special ad hoc action team will be created and will meet to recommend a remedy. This team will consist of a representative of the student's college (to be named by the dean of the college), the University Registrar, and the Chair of the Admissions and Standards Committee (or a representative named by the chair).

These action teams will not consider student appeals, but will only be created at the request of a college or university official to consider remedies for errors that the college or university recognizes as such.

In the past, the college representatives asked the Registrar to waive university policies when they realized that a mistake had been made. Such appeals assumed that the Registrar had the authority to grant such waivers, and were usually made when a speedy decision was required. There is no policy that grants the Registrar such authority, yet such waivers were granted since no alternative mechanism existed for correcting errors. By establishing these action teams, the colleges and the Registrar will still be able to address problems quickly, but by adding a member from the Admissions and Standards Subcommittee, the interests of the university will be represented.

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Revised 2/14/99