Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Revise the Hardship Withdrawal Policy


The current hardship withdrawal policy shall be modified as indicated in bold. The previous text is in italics.

Students may be granted hardship withdrawals when non-academic emergency situations which prevent them from completing their course work occur after the midpoint of the semester. Hardship withdrawals are subject to the following restrictions:

1. Students are not eligible for hardship withdrawals in any course in which they have completed the course requirements (e.g., taking the final exam or submitting the final project).

2. Students must initiate an application for a hardship withdrawal no later than one academic year after the semester in which the courses were taken.

Hardship status normally applies to all the courses a student took in a semester but in some cases may be granted for some of a student's courses. Students requesting a hardship withdrawal in some but not all of their courses must provide documentation to justify such a partial withdrawal. If a student is granted a hardship withdrawal, the instructors of the courses from which the student is withdrawing must award a grade of W or WF, depending on whether the student was doing passing work as of the effective date of the hardship.

Decisions regarding hardship withdrawals shall be made, in the first instance, by the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students is not authorized to grant exceptions to the two restrictions above. If the student or the faculty members involved in a case wish to appeal the decision of the Dean of Students, or if the Dean of Students feels that an exception to the two restrictions above is justified, the student's case shall be considered by the Hardship Withdrawal Appeals Committee. If a the Hardship Withdrawals Committee is considering granting an exception to the two restrictions above first restriction, the instructor of the course(s) in question shall be contacted in advance of the Committee's meeting and offered the opportunity to write a letter to the Committee stating anything the instructor feels is relevant to the case. Appeals of the decisions of the Committee may be initiated by either the faculty or the students involved in the case and shall be heard by the Provost.


Some faculty have requested that they be consulted about requests for hardship withdrawals made more than a year after the semester in which the courses were taken. This seems a reasonable request.

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Revised 4/19/00