Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Revise Admissions Requirements for Home-Schooled Students


Applicants for freshman admission who have been home-schooled or have attended non-accredited high schools may be considered for admission by meeting one of the following two criteria:

A. Portfolio Admission
Students who wish to apply for admission under the portfolio review option must:
Demonstrate a combined Sat I test score (or an ACT equivalent) that is at or exceeds the average SAT I for those enrolled as first time freshman for the previous fall term. In addition, both the SAT verbal and the SAT math subtest scores must meet the minimum Georgia State University standard for freshman admission,
Submit a portfolio that demonstrates satisfactory completion of the 16 College Preparation Courses (CPC) required for admission to a USG research institution. This portfolio must include information about the course of study leading to satisfactory completion of each CPC unit, including a list of all educational resources (books and other materials), course outline and appropriate outcomes assessment.

Georgia State University reserves the right to request any further information that it feels necessary to evaluate the completion of the CPC requirements.


B. SAT II Admission
Students who wish to apply for admission under the SAT II test option must:
Demonstrate both SAT verbal and SAT math subtest scores that meet the minimum Georgia State University standard for freshman admission, and Submit acceptable scores on 7 SAT II Subject tests and demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the level of two years of high school study. Minimum acceptable scores on the prescribed SAT II Subject tests are:
520 on the English Writing test
530 on the Literature test
500 on the Math IC test or a score of 570 on the Math IIC test
520 on the Biology test
540 on the Chemistry test or 590 on the Physics test
560 on the American History and Social Studies test, and
540 on the World History test

The appropriate level of competency in a foreign language will be evaluated by the Georgia State University Department of Modern and Classical Languages utilizing methods including both oral and written components.

Prior to October 2001, Board of Regents policy concerning the admission of home schooled applicants or applicants from non-accredited high schools required certain scores on seven SAT II tests and an evaluation of foreign language competency (see section B of the proposal). In October, 2001 the Board of Regents authorized University System of Georgia institutions to also use an alternate method of evaluating these applicants (section A). This proposal would allow such applicants to Georgia State University to qualify for admission by choosing one of the two options authorized by the Board of Regents.

No home schooled applicants or applicants from a non-accredited high school has ever completed the admission process described in Section B. A student can only take two of the SAT II tests on any one testing date and the cost of taking 7 exams is prohibitive. We assume that those who have inquired have gone to private or out-of-state institutions or other system schools who have admitted such applicants under their Presidential Exception category. By adopting this alternative method of demonstrating admission qualifications, we think we will better serve the needs of qualified applicants that have been home schooled or graduate from non-accredited high schools

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Revised 4/19/00