Admissions and Standards Committee

Change Removal of Incomplete Policy


Effective Spring 2003, the current removal of incomplete policy will be changed as indicated:

Removal of an Incomplete. The period of time given to a student to remove a grade of I is established by the instructor, subject only to the maximum time limit set by the university. The university requires that a grade of I be removed not later than the end of the second academic term after the grade of I was assigned (whether or not the student was enrolled during these two terms). The Office of the Registrar will assign a grade of F at the end of the second academic term unless the Office of the Registrar receives an approved change-of-grade form from the instructor. Using the change-of-grad form, instructors may change this F to any authorized academic grade (e.g, A, B, C, D, S, etc.) but may not change it back to an I. In exceptional cases, departments may authorize students to have an I grade for more than two semesters. Such authorizations must be approved by the department chair. The authorization to extend the I beyond two semesters must be renewed each semester. Students need not be enrolled to complete assignments for a course in which a grade of I has been assigned. Auditing or retaking the same course will not remove a grade of I. Effective Fall 2003, no student may graduate with an incomplete.


These changes in policy seek to correct three problems.
1. The current policy is unnecessarily complex. The differing time limits depending on whether or not a student is enrolled in the subsequent semester are very hard to implement.
2. There are exceptional cases in which Is need to be granted for more than two semesters but current policy does not allow for such cases.
3. Students are graduating with Is on their records. When the Is become Fs, this sometimes drops a student's GPA below 2.0, the minimum required to graduate. While grandfathering in old Is (which, due to problems in the Registrar's Office, were not correctly changed to Fs), the policy prevents students from graduating if they have Is in Fall 2003 or thereafter.

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Revised 4/19/00