Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Declaring Majors


1. All students must declare a degee and major before they earn 60 hours.
2. Students who transfer to GSU with more than 60 hours must declare a degree and major before registering for their second semester at GSU.
3. Students are encouraged to wait until they have 30 hours before declaring a degree and major.
4. Colleges and departments may require students to declare a degree and major earlier than indicated in 1 and 2.
5. To declare or change a degree or major, students must consult with the official who advises majors in the department in which they wish to major.
6. This motion shall become effective when the Banner module necessary to enforce it comes on line.
7. This policy will be enforced by placing a hold on a student's registrations.
8. The Director of the Student Advisement Center is authorized to grant exemptions to this policy.


The motions seeks to solve two problems. First, experience in the Student Advisement Center indicates that some students wait too long to declare a major. Second, experience also indicates that some students are declaring a major too early. The motion seeks to set provide a natural point for students to declare their major--during the sophomore year. While it would be appropriate, in most cases, to prohibit students from declaring a major before they have 30 hours, certain departments have programs which require students to declare a major before 30 hours. In order to improve retention, it is appropriate that students get advisement when they wish to declare or change majors. (For example, some students with GPAs below 2.0 seek to be CIS majors.) It is also appropriate to encourage uncertain students to remain listed as "undeclared" so that the SAC and other offices can identify them for programs to assist them in selecting an appropriate major. FYI, under Banner undeclared students will no longer be automatically placed in A&S. They will simply be listed as having an undeclared college.

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Revised 4/19/00