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Effective Fall 2005

All students must declare a degee and major before they earn 60 42 hours. Students who transfer to GSU with more than 60 42 hours must declare a degree and major before registering for their second semester at GSU. Students are encouraged to wait until they have 30 hours before declaring a degree and major. Students are encouraged to declare a major as early as possible.

This is especially true for students following a track in natural sciences, health sciences, or mathematics. To declare or change a degree or major, students must consult with the official who advises majors in the department in which they wish to major.

Colleges and departments may require students to declare a degree and major earlier than indicated above. This policy will be enforced by placing a hold on a student's registrations. The Director of the Student Advisement Center is authorized to grant exemptions to this policy.


Area F (courses appropriate to the major) begins at 42 hours so this is a natural point to require students to choose a major. Requiring students to declare a major before that point does not seem wise because students change their minds frequently in their freshman year and the core curriculum does not require students to make any decision about a major before 42 hours. However, students who wish to follows certain science majors (e.g., chemisty, physical therapy, etc.) do have to take certain courses in Area D. The application for admission should be modified to state: "Math and science core requirements are different for the following majors: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Science and Math Education, Nursing, Nutrition, Respiratory Therapy. Students considering one of these majors should declare a major at the time of application."

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