Admissions and Standards Committee

Require Selected Morris Brown Transfer to Take GSU 1010


Number 7 of the following "Conditions for Students Transferring from Morris Brown College to Georgia State University for Spring Semester 2003 Who Have Applied after the Regular Admissions Deadlines" is approved.


Morris Brown College is having financial difficulties and may close. These difficulties became apparent after GSU's transfer application deadlines. The Provost requested that we assist Morris Brown students who wished to transfer to GSU. Associate Provost Bill Fritz developed the following plan. He consulted with George Rainbolt, Chair of Admissions and Standards who recommended to the Senate Executive Committee that they act on an emergency basis to approve number 7. The Exec Committee approved the motion above. The full Admissions and Standards Committee recommends that the full Senate ratify that the Senate Executive Committee's decision.

Morris Brown students are being adversely affected by problems not of their making. If GSU can help out then we should. Item 8 of the plan was approved by the Enrollment Management Committee. The plan involves no reduction in admission standards. It merely waives deadlines. Because students admitted under this plan will be admitted very late, the will not be able to receive the normal letters and packages of information that we send students. They may well miss Incept. They will not have filled out many of the forms (financial aid, immunization, etc.) that normal students have filled out. They will require special advisement to succeed in such a quick transition to a new university. Requiring these students to take GSU 1010 will help them make this transition successfully.

Conditions for Students Transferring from Morris Brown College to Georgia State University for Spring Semester 2003 Who Have Applied after the Regular Admissions Deadlines.

Students will be “Quick Admitted” on Banner using SAAQUIK. Needed from Morris Brown will be: Date of Birth, First and Last Name, Citizenship (U.S. Permanent residents or citizens only), SSN, GPA (must be 2.30 or greater), Hours earned (must be 42 or more)
Only U.S. Permanent residents or citizens will be considered
Students will take responsibility for having their FASFA forms transmitted to Georgia State University.
No promises are made for the acceptance of transfer credit. This will be done as full information is processed during the first part of Spring 2003.
Students must acknowledge taking their own responsibility for advisement and reading and understanding catalog regulations.
All official transcripts will be required during Spring 2003 term or a HOLD will be placed on student’s records making them ineligible for registration for subsequent terms.
Students will be REQUIRED to take a GSU 1010: New Student Orientation during spring semester 2003.
Students MUST have 42 or more semester hours AND a 2.30 GPA.
Georgia State University will waive the normal $25 application fee.
Georgia State University must receive a fax, e-mail, letter, or form from the student, giving their SSN and stating that they want to be admitted under these conditions.
RESIDENCE: Students will owe tuition and fees based on state of legal residence as determined by Georgia State University. Initially, all students will be admitted as residents. As residence status is determined during the first part of Spring 2003, the amount owed will be changed to reflect actual residence. HOLDS will be placed on all students’ records if these amounts are not cleared.
Immunization records – Can Morris Brown certify that they have met these requirements? If not, students will have to provide documentation or be immunized during first 30 days of Spring 2003 term.
Students may have to provide additional documentation (transcripts) if trying to register for courses with enforced pre-requisites.
This offer applies ONLY to students who: 1) are willing to agree to the above regulations; 2) have applied after the regular deadlines; 3) are applying for Spring 2003; 4) are applying to transfer from Morris Brown College.
Students not meeting the above conditions can apply for regular admission through the normal process.
Students will still have to meet our academic regulations with respect to transfer hours, graduation requirements, hours in residence, etc.
Relevant parts of this document need to be provided to the students on a on-page easy to understand flyer.
It is recommended that students with less than 42 hours apply to Atlanta Metropolitan College or Georgia Perimeter College.

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