Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Rename and Revise the Administrative Withdrawal Policy

What is now called the Administrative Withdrawal Policy will be renamed the Non-Academic Withdrawal Policy and be revised as follows:

1332.50 Non-Academic Withdrawal
A student may be non-academically withdrawn from the university when, in the judgment of the Dean of Students, in consultation, at the Dean of Student's discretion, with other appropriate University officials, it is determined that the student has demonstrated behavior that: (a) poses a significant danger or threat of physical harm to self or to the person or property of others; or (b) interferes with the rights of other members of the university community or with the exercise of any proper activities or functions of the university or its personnel. At the end of each calendar year, the Dean of Student shall report the number of students non-academically withdrawn to the Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards. Except in situations where the student is determined, at the sole discretion of the University, to be an imminent threat to self or others a student shall, upon request, be accorded an appropriate hearing prior to the final decision concerning his or her continued enrollment at the university. In situations involving an imminent threat, the Student will be provided a hearing as soon as practicable after the withdrawal occurs. Students who are non-academically withdrawn will be assigned a grade of W or WF by the instructor if they are withdrawn before the semester midpoint and a WF if they are withdrawn after the semester midpoint.

For the renaming: the new names are clearer and bring GSU’s names in line with standard national norms.
For the changes to the policy: Federal ADA law requires that university decisions be based on behavior, not psychological state. GSU’s Legal Affairs Office feels that the current text is not as clear about this as it could be. The proposed revisions make no substantive changes. They merely clarify that it is behavior that is at issue, not psychological state.

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Revised 4/19/00