Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Establish a Special Non-Degree Status for Undergraduate Admission

Passed by Admissions and Standards, 3/13/01


1. An applicant for special non-degree status is an individual who:
a. is not currently pursuing a degree at another institution and
b. does not have a baccalaureate degree from another regionally accredited institution, but
c. desires to enroll to take undergraduate coursework for personal or professional growth.
2. Former GSU students and students denied admission as undergraduate degree seeking students are not eligible to enroll under this status.
3. Special non-degree students may enroll in no more than 10 semester hours.
4. To be admitted, special non-degree applicants must have graduated from an accredited high school or an equivalent foreign institution.
5. If the student is subsequently admitted as a degree-seeking student, credit earned as a special non-degree status student will apply to the requirements for the degree.
6. If a special non-degree student later applies for degree-seeking status, the GPA earned while a special non-degree student will not be considered in the admission decision.
7. Special non-degree status students may not register until Phase 3 of registration.
8. This policy will go into effect Fall 2001.


In Sections 402.0203 A and B, the Board of Regents specifies that:
A. Institutions may permit students to enroll as non-degree students for a maximum of 10 semester credit hours (including institutional credit). Students may not enroll in any course for which there is a learning support prerequisite unless they have been screened for and have exempted the relevant learning support course.
B. Institutions may permit students who have earned the baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll as non-degree students in courses with no limitation on the number of hours of undergraduate credit these students can earn.


Georgia State currently has the Postbaccalaureate student status for enrollment of non-degree students who have earned their baccalaureate degree. Special Non-Degree status is a similar sort of enrollment for students who have not earned that degree.

Some applicants, for a variety of professional and personal reasons, desire to enroll at Georgia State without the intention of persisting to the second year and/or attaining the baccalaureate degree. These students should have the option of taking courses under a non-degree status.

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Revised 10/26/00