Admissions and Standards Committee

Off-Campus Courses and Canceled Courses


1. In general, if a student voluntarily withdrawals from an off-campus course, then the normal withdrawal policy applies. (See below.) If the off-campus course's schedule does not match a GSU term, then the mid-point of the course will be the mid-point of the period from the first off-campus meeting of the course to the last meeting of the course.

2. If a course is canceled by GSU after the first week of classes, then the students may choose between three options:
a. they may have the course dropped from their schedule (even if the course is canceled after the end of the add-drop period), or
b. they may take a W in the course, or
c. in coordination with the course instructor and the department chair, each student may develop an academically appropriate plan to complete the course. These plans must be approved by the instructor and the department chair.


The normal withdrawal policy is that instructors may award a W or WF if the student withdraws before the mid-point of the term. If the student withdraws after the mid-point of the term, then the student receives a WF.

The motion applies the normal policy if a student decides to leave an off-campus course but gives the student the benefit of the doubt if GSU cancels a course.

It may be necessary for students abroad to request hardship withdrawals after returning to the United States. This is parallel to the common practice of students requesting hardship withdrawals three or four months after an on-campus course has ended.

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