Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Modify the Academic Orientation Requirement

Effective Fall 2004, all new freshman (by admission category) shall be required to attend a new student academic orientation (i.e., Incept or the international student orientation). The Director of the Student Advisement Center is authorized to waive this requirement as long as those freshman who do not attend orientation are required to take GSU 1010 or enroll in a Freshman Learning Community during their first semester in attendance.

Large numbers of first-time students get into academic trouble because they register for courses with no advice. Often, they take unreasonable loads, bad combinations of courses, courses that do not count for core credit or make other poor choices. For these reasons many universities require all new students to attend an academic orientation. Ideally, GSU would do the same. However, we need to move towards this goal in steps which recognize fiscal realities and the needs of our transfer students. The GSU 1010/FLC option would be reserved for those students who have a compelling reason not to attend Incept (e.g., they live out of state or have a family emergency). Note that this change does not repeal the academic orientation requirement for transfer students previously enacted. (See below.) It adds a more restrictive requirement for new freshman. Over 90% of new freshman (by admission category) currently attend Incept so this policy will not require significant additional resources to enforce.

Here is the academic orientation policy which was replaced by the policy above:
Academic orientation shall be required of all new undergraduate degree-seeking students entering Georgia State. Academic orientation may be accomplished in ways such as:
--attending an academic advisement session at Incept (preferred method)
--joining a Freshmen Learning Community
--meeting with an academic advisor
--attending a group advisement session scheduled by the Student Advisement Center, or by a college Office of Academic Assistance.

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Revised 4/19/00