Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Revise Reentry Policies


Section 1
Effective when the Banner module necessary to implement this rule comes on line, an undergraduate reentry student is a student who has been enrolled at Georgia State University and who:
1. Has not registered for courses at Georgia State University during the previous 12 24 months
2. Attended any term as a transient and wishes to attend an additional summer term as a transient.

Section 2
Effective immediately, all students applying to reenter who were last enrolled in the Learning Support Program (formerly the Department of Academic Foundations and Developmental Studies), have COMPASS scores below those currently required to exit LSP and have not fulfilled their LSP requirements must either
1. retake the appropriate COMPASS tests and earn the minimum reading score currently required to exit LSP, the minimum writing score currently required to exit LSP and the minimum math score currently required for admission of nontraditional applicants
2. complete their LSP courses at another USG institution (e.g., GPC) and then reapply for reentry.

Section 1 reflects a desire to align the reentry requirements with the catalog change requirements as well as a desire to be more student friendly by reducing the number of students who have to fill out the reentry paperwork. The effect of this section is that students will automatically get registration appointment card for 24 months instead of 12.

Section 2 reflects the fact that GSU no longer offers the reading and writing LSP courses. Students needing these courses must therefore attend institutions which do offer them.

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Revised 4/19/00