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Regent's Test Policy

Passed by Admissions and Standards, 2/15/02


A great deal of confusion exists in the current Regents' Test policies. GSU's policies were not in line with BOR policies. Admissions and Standards conducted a comprehensive review of those policies to clarify, streamline and bring them into compliance with BOR policies. The main substantive changes are:

--the offering of a different Regents' Test for students whose native language is not English.

--requiring advisement of those students who repeatedly fail the test.

There are numerous clarifications and rewordings.


            The policy below repeals and replaces all current Regents' Test Policies, including but not limited to the polices found in the 2001-2002 Catalog. This policy is effective Fall 2002.

            All undergraduate students seeking a baccalaureate degree at Georgia State University must pass an examination in reading and writing, the Regents' Test. Non-native speakers of English and students with documented disabilities are subject to modified rules regarding this test. (See below.) Furthermore, students holding a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited institution of higher education are not required to pass the Regents' Test. After reading this material, students with questions should contact the Student Advisement Center at (404) 463-9500.


            The reading section of the Regents' Test is a 60-item, multiple choice test taken in one hour. There are ten reading passages and five to eight questions about each passage. The passages cover a variety of subjects (e.g., social science, math, natural science and humanities).

            The writing section of the Regents' Test is a one-hour essay exam in which students are asked to write an essay on one of four topics. Both sections of the exam are taken at one time with the writing section coming first. Students are allowed to use dictionaries during the last 15 minutes of the writing section of the test.


            Initially, students must take both sections of the Regents' Test at the same time. If a student has passed one section but not the other, the student will retake only the section which the student has failed. If a student has failed both sections, the student may retake the two sections in separate semesters.

            The Regents' Test is given during the semester at a time specified by the Board of Regents. The test may be taken only once per semester. For the current exam schedule, see the online Registration Guide.

            Students are encouraged to take the Regents' Test upon completion of Engl 1101. Students may take the Regents' Test during a semester in which they have not enrolled in any classes.

            Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher who have successfully completed the relevant RGT course at least two times will be allowed two hours for each section of the test. To take advantage of this option, students much bring a current copy of their PACE form to the Testing Office at least seven days prior to the date scheduled for the extended time examination.

Students Entering GSU With No Transfer Credits

            Students must take the test in their first semester of enrollment after earning 30 semester hours if they have not taken it previously. Students who have earned 45 college-level semester hours and who have not passed the Regents' Test must take the appropriate non-degree credit course(s) in remedial reading and/or remedial writing (Regents' Test Preparation or RGT courses) in each semester of attendance until they have passed all components of the test. Students who fail the reading section must take the reading RGT course, students who fail the writing section must take the writing RGT course, and students who fail both sections must take one course and may take both courses. Students who have not passed the Regents' Test before earning 75 hours will have a hold placed on their registration which will be lifted after speaking with a Student Advisement Center staff member.

USG Transfer Students

            All students transferring from USG programs leading to the baccalaureate degree must follow the rules for students with no transfer credits.

Non-USG Transfer Students

            Students with 30 or more semester credit hours transferring from outside of the System or from a System program that does not require the Regents' Test should take the test during their first semester of enrollment in a program leading to the baccalaureate degree. Those who have not passed before their third semester of enrollment are subject to the remediation requirements.

Regents' Test Preparation (RGT) Courses

            A student who misses 300 minutes of class time in a required RGT course will be withdrawn from the course by the instructor and the grade of WF be recorded. Such a reduction in course load may affect the entitlement of a student who is receiving any type of financial aid. Regents' Test Preparation courses are a regular part of the student's academic load.

Nonnative speakers of English

            Nonnative speakers of English (NNS) will be certified as meeting Regents' testing requirements either by

--passing the reading/writing section of the Regents' Georgia State Test of English Proficiency (Regents' GSTEP),

--taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or

--taking the regular Regents' test.

NNS students choosing to take the TOEFL pass the Regents' Test reading requirement by earning a score of 23 or higher on the reading section of the computer-based exam and a score of 57 or higher on the reading section of the paper-based exam. They pass the Regents' Test writing requirement by earning a score of 4 or higher on the Test of Written English (TWE).

NNS students who have not completed the Regents' Test requirements and who have attempted 45 or more semester hours will have the option of taking regular RGT courses or RGT courses for NNS students offered by the Department of Applied Linguistics & English as a Second Language. For more information, contact the Department of Applied Linguistics & English as a Second Language at (404) 651--3650.

Students with Disabilities

            Students with documented disabilities may arrange for appropriate administration of the Regents' Test and for any necessary remediation. Contact the Office of Disability Services, (404) 463-9044. Appropriate accommodations will be made based upon the student's functional limitations as presented in their documentation.

Administration Manual

            The policies found in the Regents' Testing Program Administration Manual (which is available at [web address]) are GSU policies and, in case of conflict between the policies in the Manual and the policies in this motion, the policies in the Manual supercede.

Appeal of a Failing Score on the Writing Section

            A student may request a formal review of his or her failure on the writing section the Regents' Test if that student's essay received at least one passing score among the three scores awarded. Students who wish to appeal should contact the Student Advisement Center (404) 463-9500. The review procedures shall be as follows:

            A student must initiate the review procedure by midterm of his or her first semester of enrollment after the semester in which the writing section was failed. The review must be initiated, however, within one calendar year from the semester in which the failure occurred.

            All applicable regulations of the Regents' Test Policy remain in effect for those students whose essays are under review, including those regulations relating to remediation and to retaking the test.

            The review will be conducted by three faculty members of the Department of English chosen by the Chair of the Department of English. The review panel may (a) sustain, by majority opinion, the essay's failing score, thus terminating the review process, or (b) recommend, by majority opinion, the re-scoring of the essay by the Regents' Testing Program central office. The student will be notified concerning the results of the on-campus review.

            If the GSU panel recommends re-scoring of the essay, that recommendation will be transmitted in writing, along with the essay, to the office of the system director of the Regents' Testing Program.

The Alternate Regents' Test (Only in Fac/Staff Catalog)

            GSU no longer offers any alternate Regents'.

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