Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Revise the Academic Renewal Policy


Effective Spring 2004, the academic renewal policy is modified as indicated below. The text has been re-ordered to make it clearer. Additions Deletions

1360.30 Academic Renewal

Under certain conditions, Georgia State University allows its former undergraduate students, except as noted in paragraph one of this section, to apply for academic renewal. This provision is intended to allow Georgia State degree-seeking students who have experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start and to give them a final opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree. It can apply to individuals on scholastic exclusion. These are the provisions of academic renewal:

Eligibility for Academic Renewal

1. A minimum of five calendar years must have passed since last enrollment at Georgia State University.

2. Former Department of Academic Foundations (formerly Division of Learning Support Programs and Developmental Studies) students may apply for academic renewal only if they completed all learning support programs requirements prior to the five-year absence.

3. A student can be granted academic renewal only one time.

4. A student who has been excluded from Georgia State and has attended another college or university during the absence from Georgia State is not eligible for academic renewal transfer credit for the course work done during the absence.

5. A student who was not excluded from Georgia State but attended another college or university during an absence of five or more years may choose one of these options but not both:

a. Do not apply for academic renewal. Return to Georgia State subject to normal transfer credit and reentry policies. No institutional GPA is calculated, and Transfer credit will be granted for applicable eligible courses taken during the absence and previously earned GSU is retained.

b. Apply for academic renewal. If academic renewal is approved, no transfer credit will be granted for course work completed during the absence.

Effects of Academic Renewal

1. A cumulative GPA that reflects all attempts at all courses taken at Georgia State University continues to be recorded on the student’s official transcript. A new renewal GPA is begun when the student has been approved for academic renewal and is also recorded on the student's official transcript. The renewal GPA that will be used for determining academic standing and eligibility for graduation.

2. Academic credit for previously completed course work including transfer course work will be retained only for courses in which an A, B, C, or S A, B or C grade has been earned.

3. The grades in Georgia State academic credit that are not retained are not calculated in the renewal GPA. This credit, therefore, is placed in the same category as transfer credit, credit by examination, and courses with grades of S.

4. Courses for which academic credit is not retained (those with grades of D or lower) must be repeated at Georgia State if they are required in the student’s degree program. All remaining degree requirements must be completed at Georgia State, that is, no transient credit will be accepted.

5. Whether the retained academic credit is still applicable for degree credit will depend on the degree requirements currently in effect at the time the student returns to Georgia State and on specific program regulations.

6. All courses taken at Georgia State remain on the student’s official Georgia State transcript. At the time academic renewal is approved, this approval is noted on the student’s transcript. Any Georgia State course work for which credit can be retained is listed below the academic renewal notation.

7. Reentry into a program that has specific admission requirements is not automatic. Academic renewal students who wish admission to such a program must apply directly to the program.

8. Students must meet the academic residence requirement (see section xxxx) using only course credit earned after academic renewal.

9. To be eligible for honors at graduation, students must earn at least 60 hours of credit after academic renewal.

10. An excluded student who is allowed to return under the provisions of academic renewal has one final opportunity to complete the degree. Qualifying for exclusion again will end this opportunity.

[Note: Provision 3 under eligibility states this requirement more clearly.]

Applying for Academic Renewal

1. To apply for academic renewal, the student must obtain approval both from the Office of the Registrar and from the Student Advisement Center.

a. File an application for reentry to the university with the Office of the Registrar at 227 Sparks Hall, 404/651-3207.

b. File an application for academic renewal with the Student Advisement Center. The deadlines for applying for academic renewal in order to enroll for a semester are:

To return in Deadline

Fall Semester               July 15

Spring Semester         October 15

Summer Semester      April 1

Additional instructions about the procedure for applying for academic renewal are provided on the application form.

2. If a student does not apply for academic renewal is not requested at the time of enrollment, it can be requested after reenrollment if the application is filed within the first two semesters of enrollment or within one calendar year, whichever comes first.

3. A student whose application for academic renewal is not approved will be notified by letter from the Student Advisement Center. Unless specific information to the contrary is given in the letter, the student may reapply for academic renewal after one year has passed.

4. Evaluation of a student’s application for academic renewal will be based on the student’s:

             a. Previous academic record;

             b. Previous student discipline record; and

             c. Current commitment to academic work.


Most of the changes merely clarify current policy. The only substantive changes are in eligibility rule number 4 and effect rule number 2. These changes are required to bring GSU policy in line with Board of Regents policy.

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Revised 4/19/00