Admissions and Standards Committee

Temporary Policy Regarding Readmission of Students who were Previously in the Learning Support Program


1. Effective only for Summer 2001, Fall 2001 and Spring 2002, all students applying to reenter the university who
a. were last enrolled in the Learning Support Program (LSP),
b. have COMPASS scores lower than those currently required to exit LSP, and
c. have not fulfilled their LSP requirements at another institution
will be required to retake the sections of the COMPASS for which their scores are below those currently required to exit LSP.

2. All retested students must earn the minimum scores currently required for admission to the university. Retested students who do not earn theses minimum scores will be denied reentry and encouraged to complete their LSP requirements at an appropriate USG institution (e.g., GPC) before reentering Georgia State.

3. Admissions and Standards will conduct a full review of all reentry policies and make recommendations to the Senate in time for a revised policy to be in place for Spring 2002.


The policy is temporary and is only to be effective until the Spring Senate meeting. This action was precipitated by the fact that there is no current policy on reentry in general or the reentry of LSP students in particular. Standards for nontraditional applicants were recently raised to eliminate the assignment of verbal and composition LSP courses. Only the math course now exists for new students admitted who need math preparation. Thus we have students applying for reentry who need LSP verbal and composition courses that we no longer offer.

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Revised 4/19/00