Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Admission Appeals


An applicant who is denied admission to Georgia State University has, according to Board of Regents Policy, a right to appeal this decision. The following will be the procedure for the consideration of such appeals.

1. The applicant will complete a copy of an Appeal of Denial of Undergraduate Admission Routing Form and file it with the Admissions Office. (A sample form is attached.)

2. The Admissions Office will send this form, any documents the applicant files with the form, a copy of all documents in the applicant's admission file, and a letter explaining why the applicant was denied admission, to the Secretary of the Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards.

3. Each term the Chair of Admissions and Standards will appoint an Admissions Appeals Subcommittee composed of two faculty members. There will be a different Admissions Appeals Subcommittee for each term. Membership on this subcommittee will rotate among all faculty members on Admissions and Standards.

4. The Secretary will send the documents supplied by the Admissions Office to that term's Admissions Appeals Subcommittee.

5. The Admissions Appeals Subcommittee will assume that the applicant bears the burden of showing either that the Admissions Office did not follow GSU admission policies or that there are compelling reasons to make an exception to those policies.

6. If the Admissions Appeals Subcommittee thinks that the appeal is without merit, the appeal will be denied. This will be the end of the Admissions and Standards appeal process. The applicant, of course, retains the right to appeal this matter to the Provost is s/he desires to do so.

7. If the Admissions Appeals Subcommittee believes that the appeal should be approved, the dossier will be distributed to all members of Admissions and Standards.

8. If no one on Admissions and Standard expresses an objection to the Admissions Appeals Subcommittee's recommendation, then the applicant's appeal is approved and s/he is admitted.

9. If anyone on Admissions and Standards expresses an objection to the Admissions Appeals Subcommittee's recommendation, then the matter will be discussed and voted on at the next regular meeting of Admission and Standards.

10. An applicant admitted by appeal will enter Georgia State University on scholastic warning. (See page 61 of the '96-'98 Catalog.) S/he will be subject to the same scholastic discipline rules as all other students.

11. There will no longer be a category of admission probation.


This policy is a response to two problems. First, under current procedure, an applicant who is denied admission to GSU appeals that decision to the Admissions Office--the same office that made the original decision. Basic procedural fairness indicates that appeals should be heard by some group other than the office who made the original decision. It seems reasonable that Admissions and Standards should hear admissions appeals. The policy above is modeled on Admissions and Standards' policy for hearing requests for waivers to University regulations. The waivers policy runs smoothly so there is good reason to think that the policy above will also run smoothly.

Second, there has been a great deal of confusion between scholastic probation and admission probation. Admission probation is a student status that does not appear anywhere in the Catalog. This alone is cause for concern. As it stands, applicants who appeal a denial of admission and whose appeals are granted are placed on admissions probation. These students are counseled by members of the Admissions Office--not the Offices of Academic Assistance. There are serious inconsistencies between the (unpublished) admission probation rules and the published scholastic discipline rules. The Admissions Office and Admissions and Standards feel that, no matter how a student is admitted, s/he should be counseled by the Offices of Academic Assistance--not the Admissions office. The job of the Admissions Office is to admit students and, once they are admitted, they should be passed to the Offices of Academic Assistance for any needed academic assistance. Parts 10 and 11 of the policy above integrate students admitted by appeal with all other students. All will, therefore, be counseled by the Offices of Academic Assistance.


Appeal of Denial of Undergraduate Admission Routing Form

SSN:_____- _____ -______

Name:_______________________________________ Address: _________________________

First M.I. Last


Daytime Phone #: ______/________

Summary of basis of appeal: ______________________________________________________




Narrative justification to substantiate the requested appeal of the denial decision must be typed and submitted on a separate sheet(s) of paper. State your case completely and concisely keeping to relevant facts. Be certain your appeal is written clearly and presents your case well. The decision regarding the appeal will be made solely on the supporting materials attached to this document.

NOTE: Depending on when this appeal is filed, it may not be possible to evaluate it before the start of the term for which you initially applied. In that event, and should your appeal be successful, acceptance shall be for the term subsequent to that for which you originally applied.

I certify that the information provided for this appeal is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge: _______________________________________ _______________

Applicant's Signature Date


For University Use---- Do Not Write Below This Line

1. Date appeal received by Admissions Office ______________

2. Date sent to the Admissions & Standards Committee ______________

4. Date returned to Admissions Office by the Ad& St Committee ______________

5. Date applicant notified of decision by Admissions Office ______________

Comments/Notes:(if any) _______________________________________________________




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