Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on the Elimination of Non-Matriculated Auditors

Effective Summer 2000, the University will no longer admit or allow students to register as non-matriculated auditors. This enrollment status will cease to exist.

Non-matriculated auditors pay only resident fees ($101/hour or $1207/semester). They do not pay non-resident fees or the mandatory student fee. They take courses but no record of their courses is maintained and no academic credit is awarded. (Matriculated auditors, on the other hand, pay normal fees and their courses, while not for-credit, are recorded with the V notation.) Here is the number of non-matriculated auditors for the last three fall terms*: Fall 97, 24; Fall 98, 26; Fall 99, 26.

This enrollment category is not authorized by the Regents so GSU appears to be in violation of Regents' policy. Moreover, this enrollment category is tracked with a time-intensive manual process. It appears to be a relic of a different time when GSU was a less academically focused institution with less-rigorous information control systems and hoped to gain community support by allowing students to avoid the admissions process and informally sit in on courses. Admissions and Standards feels that GSU is now not well served by such a loose admission category and that, when the Regents' 2001 requirements are enforced, the Regents might more closely examine our admissions data and discover this unauthorized policy. Finally, the university has no systematic way of verifying that non-matriculated auditors are academically qualified for GSU course work and this has the potential to compromise the integrity and quality of instruction.

*Data from the Office of Institutional Research

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Revised 4/19/00