Admissions and Standards Committee

Awarding the Faculty Scholarship Plaque (FSP) to Transition Students

Currently: FSP requires earning at least 60 QH with a 4.0 GPA (no incompletes) completed in six consecutive quarters in residence and within 36 months.

Semesters: Will require earning at least 36 SH with a 4.0 GPA (no incompletes) completed over no more than four consecutive semesters in residence and within 36 months.

Proposal: Allow six terms for transition students to qualify for the plaque. This permits any combination of quarters and semesters, as shown below. Transition students' credits will be converted to semester hours and will qualify for the plaque in the term where they reach 36 SH of 4.0.

# qtrs of 4.0 at end
of summer 98
maximum # semesters
to achieve plaque


This proposal is simple to understand and administer. The Committee on Admissions and Standards believes these guidelines are equitable, meet the spirit of both the current and the upcoming FSP requirements, and fulfill the goal of not penalizing students as a result of semester conversion.

Note on Senate action:
It is the Committee's view that this matter involves the implementation of previously passed Senate policy to transition students and therefore does not require further Senate action.

Note on required programming changes:
The determination of FSP recipients is part of the academic standing calculations that are done at the end of each term. It is expected that the programming needed to revise other parts of the academic standing regulations will include the plaque. College representatives, working with the programming staff, will be permitted to make minor adjustments to these guidelines, as needed during implementation. It may be more feasible to work out a manual tracking process for this category of transition students than to attempt to include FSP in the revised programming.

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Revised 11/25/97