Admissions and Standards Committee

Mini-mester Finals on Semester System

Courses taught in the first mini-mester of a semester shall retain two-hour final exam periods. Those final exam periods which cannot be scheduled consistently with the course's clock schedule shall be scheduled for a convenient time during the following weekend. Appropriate accommodations shall be made for students whose religious observances conflict with the weekend schedule.

When we move to the semester system, there will be a mini-mester that ends in the middle of the regular semester. These mini-mester classes will have finals. Currently policy is that all finals will be two hours long. This creates a conflict. Suppose that Phil 1000, a mini-mester course ending in the middle of the semester, meets in GCB 300 from 10 to 10:50. Eng 1000, a regular semester course, meets in GCB 300 from 11 to 11:50. Phil 1000 cannot have a two-hour final at the end of the mini-mester in GCB 300 because it would run into Eng 1000.

Informal inquiries indicate that very few courses are likely to have this sort of problem. There will be plenty of available classroom space on the weekend following the end of the mini-mester. Furthermore, the College of Business Administration already conducts its common final exams in Saturday sessions. These sessions affect far more students than are likely to be affected by the current matter.

Note on Senate action:
This is not a change in policy. We preserve the current policy of giving students two hours to take their exams. It is, therefore, the Committee's opinion that this matter does not require further Senate action.

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Revised 11/25/97