Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Revise the In Progress (IP) Grade Notation

The description of the uses of IP grades in the catalog shall be as follows:

IP In Progress

In Learning Support Program courses, this symbol is used to indicate that a student has demonstrated academic growth in the course; however, the level of achievement is not sufficient to meet all of the course requirements. The grade of IP is a permanent grade and does not meet the minimum exit criteria for any course in learning support programs.

In all other courses, this symbol indicates that credit has not been given in courses that require a continuation of work beyond the term for which the student registered for the course. The use of this symbol is approved for dissertation, thesis, and project courses (such as student teaching, clinical practica, and internships). The IP notation may be replaced with an appropriate grade by the instructor. This symbol cannot be substituted for an "I".

The motion is a revision of the second paragraph of the description of the IP grade. The first paragraph is not changed. Here is the current text of the second paragraph:

This notation is used when a dissertation, thesis, student teaching, clinical practicum, internship, proficiency requirement, or other designated graduate course intended to last more than one semester is not completed during the semester in which the student is registered. This In Progress notation must be replaced with an appropriate grade by the instructor.

The current text states that the IP grade may only be used in graduate courses. This is not a correct description of GSU's current practice and, so far as can be determined, was not the intent of those who passed the current text. The proposed revision removes this incorrect implication.

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Revised 4/19/00