Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Modify the Academic Unit Admission Requirements for 2001

Proposal: Beginning in the Summer of 2001, freshman applicants who present a minimum Freshman Index of 2500 and who will complete at least 18 of the 20 academic units for admission to a research institution will be admitted to Georgia State University under the limited admission category. Beginning in the Summer of 2003, all of the 20 academic units will be required for freshman admission.

Rationale: GSU currently requires 16 academic units. The Board of Regents 2001 requirements for regular (i.e., not limited) admission to system institutions have changed to include the following academic unit requirements in addition to the minimum 16 core CPC units:

Research Universities--4 additional requirements

Regional Universities--2 additional requirements

State Universities--2 additional requirements

State and Two-Year colleges--none additional

Feedback from guidance counselors and parents is that there has been a lack of clarity on which courses would be acceptable for the additional requirements and what impact not completing the requirements would have on admission to system institutions. It is possible that a student would have a very strong Freshman Index (computed by combining the HS GPA on the 16 core CPC units with the SAT or ACT score) and not qualify for freshman admission because do not have all 20 required academic units.

For example:

Student 1 Freshman Index 2500

Completion of the core 16 CPC units

Completion of the 4 additional units by taking 4 years of Band

Admissible to Georgia State University

Student 2 Freshman Index of 2900

Completion of the core 16 CPC units

Completion of only three of the additional academic units by taking

French III, Pre-Calculus and AP Biology

Not Admissible to Georgia State University

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Revised 10/26/00