Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Modify the Admission Requirements for Nontraditional Students


Section 1
The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) shall set each term's nontraditional enrollment target.

Section 2
GSU will no longer automatically admit all applicants who meet the Senate-specified minimum admission requirements set out in this motion. The EMC will set enrollment targets and the Senate will set minimum admissions requirements. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will hit the EMC-specified targets by admitting and enrolling the most qualified of the students who meet the Senate-specified minima.

Section 3
Each of the students at or near the minima (who did not meet the EMC specified requirements) will be admitted on the grounds that they bring something unique to the GSU community, for example, first-generation background, demonstrated leadership, presence of and responses to life challenges, honors and awards, outstanding co-curricular accomplishments, volunteer and community service. Achievements will be considered in the context of the opportunities the applicant has had, any hardships or unusual circumstances the applicant has faced, and the ways in which the applicant has responded to these challenges.

Section 4
Effective Summer 2000, the minimum nontraditional admissions requirements shall be as follows:

COMPASS English 60 and
COMPASS Reading 74 and
COMPASS Algebra 15

Equivalent CPE scores may be substituted for the COMPASS scores.


In the past, the University did not manage enrollment as well as it could. The principle problem was that there were no enrollment targets. Instead, the University Senate set minimum requirements for admission and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions admitted all students who met those requirements. The University was always reacting to student demand as it appeared instead of choosing those students who would best serve the interests and capacities of GSU. By setting enrollment targets in advance, GSU will be able to plan more effectively because we will have a much better idea of the number and characteristics of students who will arrive in a particular term.

Current nontraditional students are required to exceed the following scores in two of the three areas

COMPASS English 32
COMPASS Reading 57
COMPASS Pre-Algebra 40

We have raised the admission requirements for freshmen and transfers. It is natural to raise the admission requirements for nontraditional students as well. (Note that an Algebra score of 15 is higher than a Pre-Algebra score of 40.) A sample of 55 nontraditionals applications revealed that 50 were admitted on our current standards and 42 of them would have been admitted had the proposed requirements been in place.

The motion would have the effect of eliminating all those nontraditional students who require Learning Support courses in English or Reading. Some nontraditional students would still require Learning Support courses in Math. Raising the Algebra admission requirements to the level required so that no nontraditionals would require Learning Support in math would have a dramatic effect on the number of nontraditional students admitted. Only 13 of the 55 applicants in the sample would have been admitted if requirements were raised that high.

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Revised 12/10/99