Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion Regarding Academic Renewal for Transition Students

While attending GSU under the quarter system, a student completed the old core curriculum areas 1, 2, and 3. However, the final two courses they took to satisfy these old core areas were D's, resulting in the student's exclusion. Now, more that five years later, the student has applied for Academic Renewal, and is returning under the semester system requirements which has two core courses more than the old quarter system core. One of the conditions of academic renewal is that no D grades can be retained for degree credit.

Students applying for academic renewal who did not complete the quarter system core must take the two additional courses in the semester core beyond the number in the old quarter system core as well as replacing any lost D courses.

The student has been out for more than two years and therefore, according to the rules concerning catalog editions, must update to the current, semester, catalog. The provision of Academic Renewal state that no D grades are retained for credit. The combination of these two rules implies that the student must meet the requirements of the new semester core and cannot count the D credit towards the semester degree.

The rules concerning Academic Renewal specifically state that: "Whether the retained academic credit is still applicable for degree credit will depend on the degree requirements currently in effect at the time the student returns to GSU and on specific program regulations." (Emphasis added.) So such a student is not penalized for the transition to semesters but merely treated as all other Academic Renewal students are treated when degree requirements change while they have not been in attendance.

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Revised 4/19/00