Admissions and Standards Committee

Policy on University-Level Scholarships

Beginning with scholarship considerations for the Spring 2002 admission cycle, the Office of Admissions will set scholarship policies and determine to whom scholarships are awarded. The scholarship policies, including the criteria by which scholarship decisions are made, will be in writing. The initial policies and all subsequent changes to them will be distributed to all members of the Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards as an information item.

Appeals of denials of scholarships will be heard by the Admissions Appeals Committee and follow the same appeal procedures as appeals of denials of admission.

The setting of scholarship policies needs to be flexible because scholarships come and go quickly. Full Senate approval of the policies for each different scholarship is not practical. However, Senate oversight is important. The policy of having the Admissions Office set the policies and distribute them to Admissions and Standards balances these two concerns. The Admissions Appeals process is up and running smoothly so incorporating scholarship appeals into this structure is effective and efficient.

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Revised 2/14/99