Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion on Semester Transfers


Move that "full transferability" of the core be affirmed when:

a. A student who completed all or part of a University System core under the quarter system transfers to GSU under the semester system. That is, we find a place in the GSU core (preferably) or elsewhere in the curriculum (if necessary) to use all the transferable core courses from the System school (subject to the minimum grade requirements for English and the maximum amount of "D" transfer credit).

b. A GSU student completed the quarter-system core at GSU and chooses to update to the semester-system catalog.

c. A GSU student completed the quarter-system core at GSU and is required to change catalog editions to the semester-system curriculum.

Background and Rationale:

Most of the semester-system core is a good "match" to the quarter-system core. Institutional Options is a feature of the semester core that is most unlike the quarter core and may be the place where there is the greatest likelihood of a mismatch. There is also the possibility of one school's having used a course in Institutional Options that GSU uses elsewhere in the core or vice versa.

The principles of semester conversion have consistently called for not penalizing students as a result of the conversion. Strict adherence to the transferability of the core, even more so than exists currently, has been the focus of information from the Regents.

The subcommittee recommends that we reaffirm that colleges must still do their best to honor all core credit taken at a System school, make the substitutions that will do the least "damage" to our semester core, and consult with departmental faculty as needed in individual cases.

Related Request: The committee also recommends that GSU request that, when the conversion is complete, the Regents publish on the WWW a comprehensive list of the Institutional Options of each unit of the University System to assist schools in applying transfer credit to our core. This will provide consistent data to each school more efficiently than if each school collects this information individually. (There is no need for Senate action on this related request.)

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Revised 1/23/98