Admissions and Standards Committee

February 14, 2000

To: George Rainbolt, Chair, Admissions and Standards Committee

From: John Newman, Chair, Admissions Committee for Students with Special Talents

Re: Proposed Changes in "Academic Guidelines for Admission of Students with Special Talents"

On behalf of the Committee, we move that the Admissions and Standards adopt the proposed standards. The rationales for the changes are relatively straightforward and do not materially affect the charge of the Committee. The changes and rationale are described below.

First, the department of Learning Support Programs/Academic Foundations was eliminated. We believe that a faculty member from the Admissions and Standards Committee is the best alternative since there is no corresponding department/function within the University.

Second, with the reorganization of the Vice President for Student Services office, the Vice President will no longer have responsibility for admissions. It seems to make sense that the Committee makes its reports directly to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Third, in conformance with the practice of Committee Chairs appointing committee members, we believe that the Chair of Admissions and Standards should appoint subcommittee/committee members, rather than the Provost. The Provost concurs in this recommendation.

Fourth, with the hiring of a new Athletic Director, the Athletic Department recommends that the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance be the ex-officio Athletic Department member, rather than the Associate Athletic Director. The Athletic Department would continue to select a representative who would be the sixth voting member of the committee (along with the five faculty representatives).

Please note that in the revised guidelines, bold-faced text represents revisions and that the underlined text represents original wording which is to be deleted.



Students with special talents include artists, athletes, musicians, poets, as well as others who demonstrate exceptional ability in their chosen academic, athletic or other area of interest. These students can bring a talent that will enhance the campus community. It is not uncommon that because of dedicated practice in their field, they may not meet all of the university's admissions requirements. Special consideration will be given to their admission by a faculty committee, empowered to make a limited number of exceptions to university policy.

Our goal for students with special talents is to provide them the best opportunity and support needed to achieve a valued education, culminating in a university degree. Our objective in preparing this document is to provide a set of workable guidelines, which will address some of the major problems, which impede academic progress of students with special talents at Georgia State University.



Students with special talents who do not meet the university admission standards will be considered through a special admissions review process. Applications for students in this category are reviewed by a subcommittee of the university Admissions and Standards Committee. In their determinations, the committee will review grade point average, rank in class, test scores, grades in Math and English, as well as other factors. They may also review diagnostic test scores and letters evaluating academic success from guidance counselors and teachers of basic skills courses.

The committee members will recommend to the Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Services [Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs] those students whom they determine have a reasonable chance of academic success at Georgia State University. Recommendations will include the committee's rationale for each student.

Scholarship offers to student athletes and musicians are contingent upon admission to the university. Coaches, music professors, or other representatives of the university may not promise admission to the university to recruited students prior to formal admission approval by the appropriate process. Recruited students who do not meet regular admission requirements and are admitted through the established process as special admits must sign an admissions contract agreeing to terms developed by the Department of Learning Support Programs to meet individuals students academic needs.


The University Admissions Committee for Students with Special Talents will include the Director of Admissions, a representative selected by the athletic department, four faculty appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Services, a representative from Learning Support Programs, and at least one member from the Committee on Admissions and Standards. (A representative of the Music Department should be among the for faculty appointed, and it is expected that other members of Admissions and Standards will be among the other faculty appointees.)

The Committee shall be comprised of voting and ex-officio (non voting) members. Voting members include five faculty and a representative selected by the Athletic Department. Voting members of the committee will serve two year staggered terms. The Chair of the Admissions and Standards Committee shall appoint five faculty members. A representative of the School of Music should be among the faculty appointees. It is expected that members of the Admissions and Standards Committee will be among the other faculty appointees. The ex-officio members of the Committee are the Admissions Director and the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance, both of whom have permanent appointments to the committee. Note: This paragraph combines and replaces the preceding paragraph as well as the next paragraph below.

Voting members of the committee will serve two year staggered terms. The chair of the committee will be appointed by the Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Services and Provost. The Admissions Director and Associate Athletic Director, (ex-officio) have permanent appointments to that committee.

The committee may call on other appropriate representatives for admissions information, such as an Admissions staff member for international student evaluations, or a faculty member in a discipline appropriate for the cases being considered.


Decisions to deny admission by the Office of Admissions may be appealed by the chair of an academic department or the Athletic Director to the Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Services [Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs].


Admissions reports as well as rosters of both admitted and denied students under the process for the previous five to seven years should be compiled on an annual basis by the Office of the Director of Admissions, and distributed to:

1. Provost
2. Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Services

3. Undergraduate College Deans

4. Chair, Senate Committee on Admissions & Standards

5. Chair, Senate Committee on Athletics

6. Department Chairs as appropriate

The reports will indicate all relevant admissions data, as will as GSU academic performance.


The NCAA model for compliance and the Trans America Athletic conference compliance office specifies that matters of athletics certification, financial aid, and initial and continuing eligibility be shared throughout the institution and not handled exclusively through the athletics department. The athletics department will prepare the conference eligibility reports and required attachments on a timely basis. After the offices of admissions, registrar, and financial aid have provided pertinent information required from their areas and have certified their accuracy, the athletics department and the faculty athletics representative will insure that all NCAA, conference, and Georgia State University guidelines and standards have been met and that the student-athletes are eligible to participate. NCAA certification of satisfactory progress (initial and continuing) will be a joint effort among the athletics department and the aforementioned areas.

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