Admissions and Standards Committee

Motion to Alter the Method of Computing Transfer GPAs


When making a determination of eligibility for transfer admission, the Office of Admission will use the cumulative GPA(s) as calculated by the accredited transfer institution(s).


The Office of Admissions currently is required to recalculate a qualifying GPA for transfer applicants using the Georgia State University method of GPA calculation. Many universities across the country use a +/- grading system or have forgiveness policies when students repeat a course and receive a better grade.

The Georgia Board of Regents specifies a minimum incoming GPA for transfer students but does not specify the method to be used in its calculation.

Having to recalculate the incoming GPA for most transfer students is significantly time consuming and results in a delay in notifying students of our admission decision.

Several students apply to Georgia State University with the expectation that they have met our minimum transfer GPA requirement based on the cumulative GPA reported by their transfer institution. After paying the $25 application fee, they are told by our office that they do not meet our minimum requirements because we have used a stricter method of calculation. This presents significant public relations problems for Georgia State University and its Office of Admissions.

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Revised 10/26/00