The Department of Political Science offers a pre-education concentration for majors planning to teach on the middle-school or high school level.  Students take courses chosen so as to provide the substantive knowledge needed to teach political and social science.  Through completion of this concentration and allied field concentrations, students earn the Certificate in Pre-Education Broad Field Social Science.  Graduates may then seek entrance into the alternative master of education program in social studies in the College of Education at Georgia State University to gain state certification or into a comparable program at another institution.  For admission requirements of the alternative M. Ed. Program in social studies education, see the College of Education.

Requirements of Pre-Education Concentration for  Political Science Majors (27):

  1. PolS 3800 (Political Research) (3)
  2. PolS 4130 (American Constitutional Law) or PolS 4131 (Civil Liberties and Rights) (3)
  3. PolS 3110 (State Government) or PolS 3170 (American Legislative Process) or PolS 4115 (Urban Politics) or PolS 4180 (American Chief Executive) (3).
  4. PolS 3200 (Comparative Politics) or PolS 3400 (International Politics) (3)
  5. Select 15 additional hours in political science. (15)
  6. Of the courses taken, students must have one course in three of the five areas of the discipline.

Requirements of Allied Field Concentrations:

To earn the Certificate in Pre-Education Broad Field Social Science, students must also take allied field concentrations (9 hours) from three of the following disciplines: economics, geography, history, or behavioral science (nine hours from anthropology, psychology, or sociology).  Note the student must take a total of 27 hours with nine hours each in three disciplines.  The student should see each department's list for the courses to be taken in the nine hours for that discipline.  If a student chooses to take an allied field in one of the three departments listed above under behavioral science, then they should not take an allied field in one of the other departments in that grouping. Students should consult with their advisors in making choice.