Glenn Abney Assistantship

The Department of Political Science established the Francis Glenn Abney Graduate Assistantship in December 2005 on the occasion of Dr. Abney’s retirement as departmental chair.  The award is designed to attract outstanding new doctoral students in the areas of American Politics, state and urban government, public law, and public administration.  For 2011-2012 the award provides a full tuition waiver and a stipend of $16,000 and is renewable for up to three years.  Prospective new doctoral students who wish to be considered for the Abney Assistantship should be sure to apply by the February 15th assistantship deadline.  More information is available from the Director of Graduate Studies.

Dr. Abney has been a faculty member at Georgia State University for more than 33 years and served as the Chair of the Department of Political Science from 1991-2005.  His commitment to meaningful research and quality instruction exemplify the goals of our department.