Doctoral Dissertations Since 1980


Precious Hall
"Rhetoric and Campaign Language: Explaining New Electoral Success of African American Politicians in Non-Minority Districts"

Matthew Marietta
"The Lesson of Domestic Comprehensive Emergency Management Theory for International Humanitarian Intervention"

Holly Teresi
"Wired for Influence: A Series of Experiments Evaluating the Ability of Peer Interaction Through Social Media to Influence Political Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior"

Daniel Fikreyesus
"Oil and US Foreign Policy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa"


Alla Manukyan
"Fradulent Elections, Political Protests, and Regime Transitions"

Daniel Kuthy
"The Effect of State Capacity on Democratic Transition and the Survival of New Democracies"

Ryan Yonk 
"The Political Impact of Quality of Life"

Susanna (Outi) Perko
"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: NGO-Business Partnerships in International Cooperation"


Josephine Dawuni
"Beyond Transition: Democracy and the Development of Civil Society in Ghana"

Attasit (Den) Pankaew
"The Political Benefits of Decentralization: Multi-tier Governments, Multi-level Elections, and Regime Stability"

Carol Walker
"The Buck Stops Here: The President as Manager of the US Economy During Crisis"


Shauna Reilly
"Meaningful Choices? Understanding and Participation in Direct Democracy in the American States"

Ines Rogas Avendano
"Women and the Democratic State: Agents of Gender Policy Reform in the Context of Regime Transition in Venezuela (1970 - 2007)"


Bala Erramilli
"Disaster Management in India: Analysis of Factors Impacting Effectiveness"

Eric Hurst
"Opening the Black Box of Agency Behavior: Dimensionality and Stability of FCC Commissioner Voting"

Amir Azarvan
"Investing in Repression? Foreign Direct Investment and Human Rights in Poorer Countries"

Tommy Engram
"Liberty, Equality, and Fairness: A Study of Citizen Participation in Federal Rulemaking"

Cole Taratoot
"Administrative Law Judge Decision Making in a Political Environment, 1991-2007"

Xinsong Wang
"Make Sense of Village Politics in China: Institutions, Participation, and Governance"


Satu Riutta

"Empowering the Poor? Civic Educaton and Local Level Participation in Rural Tanzania and Zambia"


Rosa Hayes
"Working, But Poor: A Study Of Georgia’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Policies”


Pamela Corley

"Concurring Opinion Writing On The Supreme Court"

Heather Heckel
"Transnational Advocacy For Children "

Stephen Joyner
"Courts And Social Change: A Multiple-Case Study Of State Supreme Court Impact On Same-Sex Marriage Policy In Hawaii, Vermont And Massachusetts"

Chenaz Seelarbokus
“The Influence Of State And Treaty Characteristics On Participation In International Environmental Agreements (Iea’s)"

Carolyn Carlson
“Context Effects On Abortion Questions: Who Gets Confused”


Jefferson Dewitt

"Considering The Candidates: Political Sophistication In Presidential Elections, 1984-2000"

Wilfred Gabsa
"Democratization And Ethnic Differentiation In Africa: An Analysis Of The Impact Of The Democratization Process On The Politics Of Ethnicity In Cameroon: 1971-2002"

Eleanor Morris
"Second Class Migrants? Explaining Gender [In] Equality In European Union Policymaking "


Miljenko Antic

"Democracy Versus Dictatorship: Influence Of Political Regime On Economic And Social Development "

George Meals
“The Relationship Between Federalism And Air Quality In The Atlanta Region”

Dana Rickman
"In The Wake Of Welfare Reform: Devolution And The Safety Net "


Jeffrey Davis

"Judicial Independence And The Protection Of Equality In State High Courts"

Paul Foote
"The So-Called Moderate Justices On The U.S. Supreme Court: Precedential Voting In Salient And Closely Divided Cases"


Mary Cagle
"A Case Study Of The Political Struggle Between The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention And The National Rifle Association Over Policy Research Related To Firearm Violence"

Richard Charles
“Safety-Related Decision-Making In The Faa”: An Analysis Based On Herbert A. Simon’s Administrative Behavior"

Eric Grier
"The Future Of Grassroots Lobbying: The Influence Of Interest Groups In An Electronic Age "

 Frankie Mcintosh
"A Comparative Study Of Selected State Lotteries: An Examination Of Effectiveness, Efficiency And Supplantation Of Revenues"

Girvan Shirley
"From Unity And Confrontation Pragmatism And Cooperation: A Case Study Of Jamaica’s Development And Strategy From 1972 To 1992"


Kerry Stewart

"Housing The Disabled: The New Segregation"

Stephen Sussman
"The U.S. Supreme Court And The Religion Cases: A Model Of Judicial Decision-Making – 1953–1996"


Cheryl Brown

"The Elite Model And The Office Of Secretary Of State: Selection And Success"

Thomas Dolan
"The Impact Of Japanese Occupation Policy And Practice On Relations With Former Colonies And Wartime Conquests"

Nancy Ellen Levine
“The Family And Medical Leave Act Of 1993: The Role Of State Policy Adoption In Federal Decision Making”

Edward Proctor
"A Neo-Lockean Response To Neo-Hobbesian Environmental Political Theory: An Examination Of The Role Of Government In Preserving Property Rights"


Byung Lee

"The Breakdown Of Authoritarian Regime And Democratic Transition In South Korea In The 1980’s"

Ronald Mcninch, Jr.
"The Higher Civil Service And Democratic Reforms In Taiwan: Changing Selection Criteria And Public Expectations"

Harold Trendell
"Limits To European Political Integration?: The European Union’s External Immigration Policy"


J. Michael Martinez

"The Limit Of Logic: On Whether Civil Rico Rules Contravene Regime Principles Expressed In The Federalist"

Gerald Neumark
"Explaining Land-Use Policy-Making In Three American Municipalities Using Traditional American Pluralistic And Neo-Pluralistic Models "

Kerwin Swint
"The Art Of Negative Campaigning In American Elections"


Hwi-Won Kang
"Court Involvement In The 1980’s Congressional Redistricting: Its Determinants And Impact On Partisan Competition"


Elizabeth Hughes

"Visual Logic: Logical Argumentation In Visually-Presented Political Communications "


Tae-Won Chung

"A Study Of Administrative Leadership Toward Development In Korea"

Jeong-Gi Kim
"Changes In The Soviet Foreign Policy System And Their Impact On Soviet Policy Toward The Korean Peninsula"

Elizabeth Purdy
"The Representation Of Women And Women’s Issues: Differences In Voting Patterns Of Male And Female Members Of The House Of Representatives, 1975-1988"


Beverly Edmond

"The Impact Of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity And Affirmative Action Policies On The Employment Of Black Women In The Higher Grades (1982 – 1986) "

Leslie Jones
"The Relationship Between Home Styles And Legislative Styles And Its Implications For Representation: A Comparison Of Women And Men In A Southern State Legislature"


John Wasmund
"Administrative Lobbying Of The Georgia State Legislature"


Judith Lipmanson

"Determinants Of Individual Decisions To Engage In Collective Action: The Relative Effects Of Selected Antecedents On Educators’ Political Support Of A Professional Association"


Stephen Collier
"Health Professions Education And The Public Interest"

Sandra Storrar
"Influence Of Career Orientations Of Emerging Professionals In State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies: Perceptions Of Organizational And Political Environments"

George Dixon
"Trends In The Relationships Between Democratic Teacher Behaviors And Student Achievement"