Michael Herb

Associate Professor
Langdale Hall 0542

Education: Ph.D. UCLA 1997

Research Interests: Comparative Politics of the Middle East, Gulf Politics, Monarchies, the Resource Curse, Democracy in the Arab World.

Selected Publications: 

"A Nation of Bureaucrats: Political Participation and Economic Diversification in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates," International Journal of Middle East Studies 41, no. 03 (2009): 375-395.

"Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates," in Politics & Society in the Contemporary Middle East, ed.  Michel Angrist (Boulder:Lynne Rienner, 2010).

“No Representation without Taxation? Rents, Development, and Democracy.” Comparative Politics 37:3 (2005): 297-316

All in the Family: Absolutism, Revolution and Democracy in the Middle Eastern Monarchies.  Albany: State University of New Your Press, 1999.





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