Jennifer McCoy

Distinguished University Professor
Langdale Hall 1037


Curriculum Vitae

POLS 8205 Syllabus

Education: Ph.D. Minnesota 1985

Research Interests: International Relations and World politics, Comparative Politics (Latin America) and Democratization.

Recent Publications:

Jennifer McCoy and Francisco Diez, International Mediation in Venezuela,
(United States Institute of Peace, Oct. 2011).

Francisco Diez and Jennifer McCoy, Mediación Internacional en Venezuela, 
(Buenos Aires: Editorial Gedisa, 2012).

"Challenges for the Collective Defense of Democracy on the Tenth Anniversary of the Inter-American Democratic Charter," Latin American Policy (April 2012).

“The Chavez Challenge for Obama: An Inconvenient Marriage or Frosty Separation,” in
The Obama Administration and the Americas: Looking Forward, Abraham F. Lowenthal,
Theodore J. Piccone and Laurence Whitehead, Editors. (Brookings Institute Press,
2010) In Spanish with Bogota: Planeta Press, 2010.

McCoy, Jennifer. 2009. “Engaging Venezuela: 2009 and Beyond.” In The Obama
Administration and the Americas: Agenda for Change
. Edited by Abraham
Lowenthal, Theodore Piccone and Laurence Whitehead. Washington D.C.:
Brookings Institute Press.

“Venezuela under Chávez: Beyond Liberalism,” Latin America’s Left Turns:
Politics,Policies and Trajectories of Change
. Edited by Maxwell A. Cameron and Eric
Hershberg. Lynne Rienner Press, 2010.

Jennifer McCoy and Jonathan Hartlyn, “The Relative Powerlessness of Elections,” in
Democratization by Elections, edited by Staffan Lindberg. Johns Hopkins University
Press, 2009.

Jonathan Hartlyn, Jennifer McCoy, Thomas Mustillo, “Explaining the Success and Failure of
Elections in Latin America,” Comparative Political Studies, 41:1 (Jan 2008): 73-98.

The Unraveling of Representative Democracy in Venezuela. Edited by Jennifer McCoy and David Myers. Johns Hopkins University Press. November 2004. Reprinted with new Epilogue in 2006. Published in Spanish by El Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela, 2007.