Sean Richey

Associate Professor
Langdale Hall 1082A 

Curriculum Vitae 

Education: Ph.D. City University of New York 2004

Research Interests:  Political Communication and Political Behavior

Recent Publications:

Sean Richey. 2012. "Random and Systematic Error in Voting in Presidential Elections." Political Research Quarterly XX(X) 1-13.

Sean Richey. 2008. "The Autoregressive Influence of Social Network Political Knowledge on Voting Behaviour." British Journal of Political Science 38 (3): 527-542.

Sean Richey 2008."The Social Basis of Voting Correctly." Political Communication 25 (4): 366-376.

Sean Richey. 2008. "Voting By Mail: Political Partcipation and Institutional Reform." Social Science Quartley 39 (4): 902-915.

Ken'ichi Ikeda and Sean Richey. 2009."The Impact of Informal Social Networks on Tolerance in Japan."British Journal of Political Science 39(3): 655-668.

Sean Richey.2009. "Hierarchy in Political Discussion." Political Communication 26(2): 137-152.

Sean Richey and Ken'ichi Ikeda. 2009. "Institutional Incentives and the Creation of Political Trust in Marginalized Groups."Social Science Quarterly 40(4):911-926.