Ryan Carlin

Assistant Professor
(404) 413-6190
Langdale Hall 1016

Curriculm Vitae

Education: Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2008

Research Interests: Democratization, Political Culture, Turnout, Executive Approval

Recent Publications:  

"Support for Polyarchy in the Americas." 2011. Comparative Political Studies 44(11):1500-1526. (co-authored with Matthew M. Singer). 

"Distrusting Democrats and Political Participation in New Democracies:  Lessons from Chile." 2011. Political Research Quarterly 64(3):668-687.

"What's Not to Trust? Rubrics of Political Party Trustworthiness in Chile and Argentina." forthcoming. Party Politics.

"The Politics of Interpersonal Trust and Reciprocity: An Experimental Approach." forthcoming. Political Behavior (co-author with Greogry J. Love).

"Context Counts: The Election Cycle, Development, and the Nature of Economic Voting. "Forthcoming. Journal of Politics." (With Matthew M. Singer).



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