Sarah Allen Gershon

Associate Professor 
Langdale Hall 1014

Curriculum Vitae

Education: Ph.D. Arizona State University 2008

Research Interests: Media and Politics, Gender Politics, and Race and Ethnicity.

Recent Publications:

Taylor, J. Benjamin, Sarah Allen Gershon, and Adrian D. Pantoj. 2014. "Christian America? Understanding the Link between Church and Attitudes among Latino Immigrants" Politics & Religion, 7:2:339-365.

Gershon, Sarah Allen and Adrian D. Pantoja. 2014. "Pessimists, Optimists, and Skeptics: The Consequences of Transnational Ties for Latino Immigrant Naturalization" Social Science Quarterly 95:2:328-342.

Gershon, Sarah Allen. 2013. "Media Coverage of Minority Congresswomen and Voter Evaluations: Evidence from an Online Experimental Study" Political Research Quarterly 66:3:702-714.

Gershon, Sarah Allen. 2012. "Press Secretaries, Journalists, and Editors: Shaping Local Congressional News Coverage" Political Communication 29:2:160-183.

Gershon, Sarah Allen. 2012. "When Race, Gender and the Media Intersect: Campaign News Coverage of Minority Congresswomen" Journal of Women, Politics and Policy 33:2:105-125.

"Communicating Female and Minority Interests Online: A Study of Website Issue Discussion among Female, Latino and African American Members of Congress." 2008. International Journal of Press/Politics 13:2:120-140.

"Capturing the Power of a Campaign Event: The 2004 Presidential Debate in Tempe." (with Pat Kenney, Kim Fridkin, Karen Shafer and Gina Woodall) 2007. Journal of Politics 69:3:770-785.

"Political Orientations and Naturalization Among Latino and Latina Immigrants." (with Adrian Pantoja) 2006. Social Science Quarterly 87:5:247-263.