Political Science Undergraduate Research Conference

On February 25th, the Political Science Department held its third annual Undergraduate Research Conference in the Sinclair Suite in GSU's Student Center.  Three students presented research papers written for political science courses during 2008 to an audience of thirteen people.  The first place, $100 paper award winner was Christopher Scott, who presented his case study of the International Organization Unasur titled "Unasur: Realization of Simon Bolivar's Dream?"  The second place, $75 paper award went to Mayya Raskina for her statistical study of political attitudes: "Americans Approve of Gay Marriage."  The $50 third place paper award was given to William Roper for his legal analysis of due process rights during the war on terror: "The Case for Al-Marri and Due Process for Enemy Detainees."  The winner, political science major Christopher Scott, is scheduled to graduate in December of 2009.  He plans to work for an international nonprofit organization after graduating.