Immigration Policy and Human Rights - A Symposium

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

This multidisciplinary set of panels brings together scholars and practitioners to address pressing political, economic, social and legal issues related to immigration policy and the protection of human rights in the United States and abroad. Acknowledging both the transition from the Bush Administration to that of Obama as well as the recent 60-year anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this symposium is focused on identifying pressing challenges as well as promising policy alternatives. Held on the campus of Georgia State University in the
heart of Atlanta, the Symposium on Immigration Policy and Human Rights welcomes participation from research scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and rights advocates.

Select Panel Themes
♦ Framing immigration as a human rights issue
♦ Political economy of immigration in Atlanta, Georgia, and the US Southeast
♦ Prospects for immigration policy reform under the Obama administration
♦ Cross-national comparisons of antiimmigration backlash and the far right

Send paper/panel proposals and requests to serve as a panel discussant and/or chair by April 3 to:

Dr. William Downs & Dr. Fernando Reati
Center for Human Rights and Democracy