Toby Bolsen

Assistant Professor
Langdale Hall 1082C

Curriculum Vitae

Education:  Ph.D., Northwestern University (2010)


“The Construction of News: Energy Crises, Advocacy Messages, and Frames toward Conservation.” Forthcoming (April, 2011), International Journal of Press/Politics.

“How Scientific Evidence Links Attitudes to Behaviors,” with James N. Druckman, in David Dana ed., The Nanotechnology Challenge: Creating Law and Legal Institutions for Uncertain Risks. New York: NY: Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming.

“Framing, Motivated Reasoning, and Opinions about Emergent Technologies.” Journal of Communication. Forthcoming. Co-authored with James N. Druckman.

“Framing Effects and Political Behavior.” 2009. In From the Mind to the Feet: Assessing the Intent-to-Action Dynamic. Larry Kuznar (Ed). Office of the Secretary of Defense, Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering, and The U.S. Global Innovation and Strategy Center, Washington, D.C.

“Public Opinion on Energy Policy, 1974-2006.” 2008. Public Opinion Quarterly, 72 (2): 364-388. Co-authored with Fay Cook.

“Citizens, Knowledge, and the Information Environment.” 2006. American Journal of Political Science, 50 (2): 266-282. Co-authored with Jennifer Jerit and Jason Barabas.







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