Larry Berman, Ph.D Princeton
American politics, foreign policy, the American presidency and the war in Vietnam

Chris Brown, Ph.D University of Georgia
international & comparative political economy

Henry Carey, Ph.D Columbia University
international criminal justice & human rights, comparartive legal development, empirical democratic theory, elections & democratization

Ryan Carlin, Ph.D University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
democratization, political culture, turnout, executive approval

William Downs, Ph.D Emory University
comparative politics, Europe, political extremism, parties and legislatures

John Duffield, Ph.D Princeton University
international organizations and international security

Jeannie Grussendorf, Ph.D University of Bradford, UK
international relations, peace research, American politics

Charles Hankla, Ph.D Emory
political economy, international relations, trade policy, domestic institutions, economic development, India

Michael Herb, Ph.D UCLA
comparative politics of the Middle East, taxation and democracy, regime change, ethnicity and international politics

William Long, Ph.D Columbia
health diplomacy and transnational goverance, international cooperation and conflict resolution, international political economy, and international trade and technology transfer

Carrie Manning, Ph.D University of California, Berkeley
comparative politics, post-conflict state building, African politics, political economy, and comparative democratization

Jennifer McCoy, Ph.D Minnesota
international relations and world politics, comparative politics (Latin America) and democratization.

Rashid Naim, Ph.D Illinois
Model United Nations, Model Arab League, South Asia, politics & religion

Kim Reimann, Ph.D Harvard University
comparative politics (Asia), international politics, non-governmental organizations

Jelena Subotic, Ph.D Wisconsin
international politics, transitional justice, international ethics

Daniel Young, Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles
comparative politics, quantitative methods


F. Glenn Abney, Emeritus, Ph.D Tulane, JD Georgia State
state, urban politics, public law and judicial politics, public administration

Steve Anthony, J.D. John Marshal
state politics, American politics

Larry Berman, Ph.D Princeton
American politics, foreign policy, the American presidency and the war in Vietnam

Toby Bolson, Ph.D Northwestern
American political behavior, research methods

Lakeyta Bonnette, Ph.D Ohio State
African American politics, race and culture

Allison Calhoun-Brown, Ph.D Emory
electoral behavior, public opinion, African-American politics, methodology

Michael Evans, Ph.D University of Maryland
American goverment, public law, American political thought and development, constitutional theory

Michael Fix, Assistant Professor, Ph.D South Carolina
public law, quantitative methods.

Daniel P. Franklin, Ph.D University of Texas
legislative politics, presidential politics

Sarah Allen Gershon, Ph.D Arizona State University
media and politics, gender politics, race and ethnicity

Robert M. Howard, Ph.D State University of New York at Stony Brook, JD Suffolk University Law School
public law and judicial politics, bureaucratic politics, public policy

Jeffrey Lazarus, Ph.D University of California, San Diego
candidate decision-making, congressional procedure, legislative procedure

Sean Richey, Ph.D City University of New York
American politics, political behavior and elections, civic engagement

Amy Steigerwalt, Ph.D University of California, Berkeley
judicial politics and behavior, constitutional law, interest groups, Congress


Mario Feit, Ph.D John Hopkins University
modern and contemporary political theory, democratic theory, gender and sexuality  

Peter Lindsay, Ph.D University of Toronto
liberal and democratic political theory, economic justice, history of political thought